Brillo - Basics

Brillo is an IoT Platform Eco-system involves:

  • Embedded OS running on a device,
  • Client/interface App running on Android Phone, and
  • Cloud service to coordinate between devices, owners & users.

Brillo: Embedded OS based on Android

  • BSP for specific board
  • Supports ARM, Intel, MIPS architecture)
  • Smallest configuration 32MB of RAM, and 128MB of storage
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Runs on battery-powered devices

Brillo Core platform services:

  • Weave (helps devices to securely connect to the network)
  • Metrics (collect usage data from devices based on the user permission)
  • Console to view & analyze data,
  • Collect crash report & debug data from field
  • Over-the-air (OTA) Push updates,
  • Developer kit: build, debug, test device
    • build architecture
    • Runs on Ubuntu 14.04
    • Local Unit test, individual Integration tests, or Own Continuous Build Integration Testing infrastructure.
    • Andoid Debug Bridge (adb) over Ethernet or USB (without any special equipment)

Weave library maintained in Brillo OS:

  • Provides:
    • Setup, Interaction, and communication with wide range of connected devices.
    • Ability to communicate with device directly or through Cloud servicess.
    • Common Language for app or services to use across all of user devices. [based on JSON]
  • Protocol:
    • Device Discovery
    • Provisioning
    • Authentication & Interaction implemented across device-side libraries, mobile SDKs and web service that enables remote interactions.
  • Schema: Commands and States that are common for device types
    • customized & extended for a particular product
  • Cloud Service: Remote communication service integrated in Weave.
    • provides aggregated metrics in developer console to analyze all devices.
  • Client app/services on mobile/desktop/web to setup/interact with devices.
    • Secure setup experience common to all devices that works from both Android & iOS devices.
    • Communicate with your and devices made by other developers using same standardized schemas.

Brillo Boards:


  • Intel Edison Board Made for Brillo:
    Intel EDI2ARDUIN.AL.K Dual Core IA-32 @ 500 MHz, 32-bit Intel Atom Processor Z34xx Series @ 100 MHz Board with 70-pin connector Motherboard/CPU Combo ==> "Edison kit for Arduino"
    Flashing Brillo on Edison (plus some links on right)

[Need to obtain access permissions! Apply at]
    Intel Edison and Peripherals
        Edison and Grove (Plus/Gen2 sensors, actuators and shields)
   Grove Software Library for Edison

  • MIPS-based Imagination Creator board for Brillo:
  • ARM-based PICO-i.MX6UL and DWARF board for Brillo:

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