Software Development: Nurture Budding Teams

Typical start-up or a new product team faces certain challenges when it comes to scaling the team to meet the demands of a growing business built on a novel technology. Naturing a brand new team to take up responsibility of supporting & customizing existing products as well as developing new ones requires skillful coordination between the members of established knowledgeable team and the new budding team.

It is extremely essential to put together the new budding team with a good mix of expertise in hacking, sustaining products as well as designing scalable frameworks for building a range of products. Their most essential skill-set should be ability to quickly learn & explore on their own, tenacity to uncover unknowns, and courage to experiment, ask for help & answers. Their willingness to share the knowledge & experience among themselves is key to their success as a team & distributed teams.

When the key members of the new team get to rub their shoulders with the some of the stars in the core team, it helps them to pick up their working style, culture & process. They also get to know thoughts behind the design decisions, discuss why certain things are created the way they are.
A communication channel should be created by identifying a suitable "Point of Contact" from the Experienced team and allocating that person's time for the interactions with the "Point of Contact" from the Budding team. Routing all the (initial) communications through the "Point of Contact" creates a smooth communication channel without consuming a lot of time from the Experienced team. Once the process is established, the "Point of Contact" person could be switched based on the domain of expertise and project responsibilities as necessary.

With the goal of making the new Budding team productive on their own with bare minimum direction and help, the "Point of Contact" from the Budding team should be groomed right from the beginning to assume responsibilities of a Team Lead.

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