SaaS Acronyms

BDD: Behavior Driven Development
Behavior-driven development is a specialized version of test-driven development (TDD) which focuses on behavioral specification of software units. Behavior-driven development specifies that tests of any unit of software should be specified in terms of the desired behavior (User Story) of the unit.

CRUD: Create, Read, Update, Delete

DRY: Don't Reapeat Yourself

Duck Typing:
What methods can be called on an object and what operations can be performed on it is more important than the class of the object. If an object walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then the Ruby interpreter is happy to treat it as if it were a duck.

REST: Representational State Transfer
  • Self-contained requests specify what resources to operate on and what to do to it
  • GET /movies/3/edit
SaaS: Software as a Service

SOA: Service Oriented Architecture
structured collections of discrete software modules, known as services, that collectively provide the complete functionality of a large software application

SOFA "Code Smells"
  • be Short
  • do One thing
  • have Few arguments
  • consistent level of Abstraction
TDD: Test Driven Development - red(fail)-green(pass)-refactor

  • Think about one thing the code *should* do
  • Capture that thought in a test (RSpec will fail). That is, write automated test case before functionality code.
  • Write simplest possible code that lets the test pass.
    • Use Seams as needed to isolate that behabior.
    • Determine which expectations (should/should_not) to use to check the behavior.
  • Refactor: DRY out commanality with other tests
  • Continue with the next thing code should do
YAGNI: "You ain't gonna need it" or "You aren't gonna need it"

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